Something is seriously fucked up!

You know, I had the funniest feeling I wasn’t going to like this movie.

Obvious puns aside, it was almost like I had seen it before. Wait, I had seen it before. It was 1993 and back then it was called Groundhog Day and it didn’t suck. In the DVD extras, the actors say, as they always do, that it was the script that attracted them to the project. They should have used that script instead of the one they actually filmed.

Sandra Bullock plays Linda Hanson, a mother of two in a formerly happy marriage. One Wednesday when her husband, Jim (Julian McMahon) is away on a business trip, she answers the door to find the sheriff is there to tell her that Jim was killed in a car accident. Only she wakes up the next morning and it’s Monday and Jim is still there. The next morning is Saturday, the day of the funeral. She finds her house full of mourners and her oldest daughter has cuts all over her face that Linda doesn’t remember. Oh yeah, there’s also a bunch of guys there to drag her off to the mental hospital, but the next morning is Tuesday and Jim is not only still around, he may be having an affair with a co-worker.

You get the picture. There is a certain compelling logic to the story but there is also a giant black hole in the center of this movie, sucking all the life out of it. Sandra Bullock is always likeable and believable but the character of Linda is so passive, so completely at the mercy of the events at this movie that it’s impossible to have a rooting in her as a person. Her husband is barely present in the narrative and whatever problems exist in their marriage are never developed.

Again, I almost always like Sandra Bullock in what she does but if I need another fix, I’ll go back to Speed, thank you very much.

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  1. Saige

    Well, I haven’t seen Groundhog Day so I can’t really compare them but I actually liked the film….I guess because I really love Sandra, lolz….However, I agree with you at some point…..nice review btw!


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