Films featuring
Paul Rudd

Night at the Museum


Mixing comedy with elaborate special effects is a tricky balancing act. Humor requires at least the illusion of spontaneity while the effects have to be planned out to the last second. Sometimes it works just right and you get a movie like Ghostbusters, while other times you end up with a mess like Spielberg’s 1941. Night at the Museum falls somewhere between. It manages to amuse without possessing anything resembling originality.

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Hey, I went to see a juvenile sex comedy and an actual love story broke out. The 40-Year-Old Virgin manages to shoehorn two wildly disparate storylines successfully into one film. On one hand, you have a raunchy workplace comedy about a trio of sex-starved low-lifes working in a store that suspiciously resembles Circuit City, while on the other you have a surprisingly sweet romantic comedy about two people with more on their mind than the horizontal lambada.

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